Sunday, January 29, 2006

YAMATO japanese battleship

"she was a vast ship. every thing was conseived on the grand scale. 863feet of weather deck undulated gracefullyaft without a break, a typical feature of japanese naval design, sloping down from the bow, rising to a crest beyond B turret, the second of the two monsterous forword casements with their triple 18.1-inch guns, then falling away gradually toward the stern.
the bridge tower soared 80feet beyond this deck, topped by a 30-meter optical range finder and the primitive twin -bedstead- antennas of the TYPE 13 surface radar.
inside the tower were two elevators and six decks for the officers who controlled the ship and it's attendants fleet.
The hull was divided into five decks, split into compartments so complicated that the eight divisional officers took nearly an hour completing their inspection rounds last thing at night. many compartments were air-conditioned -a revolutionary innovation in a navy where hardship was proclaimed a virtue- and accommodation was so roomy that envious outsiders talked of her.
Every one agreed she was a beautiful ship. japanese battleships grew increasingly ugly under the modernization and remodeling programs of the twenties and the thirties. bridge and fire control structures were combined into teetering BAGODA towers which looked ungainly and top-heavy.
But the years of hideous improvisation came to an end when the designers produced this powerful, aesthetic silhouette. the tower was free of clutter and carefully streamlined. the one monster smokestack raked back 25deg.
a crane and two catapults crowned the quarterdeck above an aircraft hanger with room for six floatplanes.
the upper works bristled with guns ranged from the three giant triple turrets
-two forword and one aft- and secindary armament of 6.1-inch guns to the amidships concentration of six dual purpose 5-inch turrets and 31 closely packed tups of triple antiaircraft machine guns".

"from A GLORIOUS WAY TO DIE, by Russel Spurr"

it toke me 3 years to fenish bulding the ship! I added a few stuff from the japanese animation STAR BLAZERS coz it was the way I knew about the yamato when I was in the 3rd grade, after that when I was in the 6th grade I found out that the YAMATO was real, in WW2, so when I was 19 I fineshed making the model, it's 6.45-meters long! the scale is 1/40. I love here, I hope you people like her too.

Amman- Jordan.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Angel Claw!

Project: Euro-Fighter 4000.
Code Name: Angel Claw.
Class: Med-Size Fighter Bomber.
Main Engine: GE/ Rolls-Royce, Model "F-136".Thrust: 80000 pounds.
Top Speed: 3.6mach in atmosphere, 26mach in orbet.
In Space: Dual Rocket or ion propaltion system for out of atmosphere navegation.
Eject: Controlable eject pod, can servive atmosphere Re-entry, and flote in sea.
Soled Fuel Rockets: 2 attachment points to place the rockets so we can reach 11km/sec to be released from the earth gravety, than they can be released the same way in the S.T.S NASA shuttle.
L.S.S: a life support system that can support the pilot and servive for 48 hours after ejecting.
Wepons: enternal wepon bay that can carry 8 tactical rockets on a rottaring platform, and under the wing placement is alsow possebol.

Euro Fighter 4000 Dimensions:
* Real Size= 19.56m.
* Model Size= 81.5cm. (32+ inch).
* Real Size= 14.40m.
* Model Size= 60cm. (23.25 inch).
* Real Size= 5.71m.
* Model Size= 23.8cm. (9+ inch).

an unoperational model, the scale is 1/24, it toke me 6 months to fenish her.
the idea came to me from a japanese animation, I worked on the aerodynamics, fixed the center of gravety relative to the aerodynamic chord, now she is almost ok ;)
I hope you people like it!

Abed Altel
Amman- Jordan.