Saturday, January 07, 2006

Angel Claw!

Project: Euro-Fighter 4000.
Code Name: Angel Claw.
Class: Med-Size Fighter Bomber.
Main Engine: GE/ Rolls-Royce, Model "F-136".Thrust: 80000 pounds.
Top Speed: 3.6mach in atmosphere, 26mach in orbet.
In Space: Dual Rocket or ion propaltion system for out of atmosphere navegation.
Eject: Controlable eject pod, can servive atmosphere Re-entry, and flote in sea.
Soled Fuel Rockets: 2 attachment points to place the rockets so we can reach 11km/sec to be released from the earth gravety, than they can be released the same way in the S.T.S NASA shuttle.
L.S.S: a life support system that can support the pilot and servive for 48 hours after ejecting.
Wepons: enternal wepon bay that can carry 8 tactical rockets on a rottaring platform, and under the wing placement is alsow possebol.

Euro Fighter 4000 Dimensions:
* Real Size= 19.56m.
* Model Size= 81.5cm. (32+ inch).
* Real Size= 14.40m.
* Model Size= 60cm. (23.25 inch).
* Real Size= 5.71m.
* Model Size= 23.8cm. (9+ inch).

an unoperational model, the scale is 1/24, it toke me 6 months to fenish her.
the idea came to me from a japanese animation, I worked on the aerodynamics, fixed the center of gravety relative to the aerodynamic chord, now she is almost ok ;)
I hope you people like it!

Abed Altel
Amman- Jordan.


Blogger John Connors said...

Nice work, I'm impressed!

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you suck

3:28 AM  

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